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side by side

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishside by sideside by sidea) next to each other We walked along the beach, side by side. b) if people work side by side, they work together to achieve somethingside by side with Local citizens worked side by side with emergency crews to pull their neighbors out of the rubble. c) if different things or groups exist side by side, they exist in the same place or at the same time, even though this may seem difficult or surprising a visit to see how modern agriculture and wildlife can exist side by side side
Examples from the Corpus
side by sideDoctors and scientists are working side by side to find a cure for AIDS.Media mavens contend that the visual comparison of the two men side by side is half the battle.On entering the office I saw that Donald had placed two hard chairs side by side facing his desk.The two boys grew up side by side and became close friends.The two ideas of him, the low and the high, persisted side by side for a long time.They lay side by side, doing their relaxation exercises - deep breathing and total muscular relaxation from the feet up.They sat side by side in the double passenger seat, watching me as I approached.In Egypt, fundamentalism and feminism have long existed side by side.It was a strange situation with Washington, Pretoria and Peking fighting side by side.Sabina and Mel sat side by side in the back seat.Soldiers worked side by side with civilians to rebuild the city.They lay side by side on the couch until Sonia fell asleep.We walked along slowly side by side.But teachers in the classroom argue that both methods have to be used side by side.Have each group take turns gluing their items side by side on the graph.
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