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sideburnsside‧burns /ˈsaɪdbɜːnz $ -bɜːrnz/ noun [plural]  DCBhair grown down the sides of a man’s face in front of his ears
Examples from the Corpus
sideburnsThe face was gross and swollen, heavy jowls covered by thick black sideburns.He was lanky, pale and serious, with dark, bushy sideburns and a handsome Che Guevara mustache.Cliff was always a whole-hearted player and, with his carefully cultivated sideburns, was held in high regard by Palace fans.Pale facial disc distinctively edged black, forming sideburns.You can laugh at his sideburns.They were Movement people; they had Movement sideburns and Movement voices.I grew my sideburns again, half way down the side of my ears.He had always kept it close-cropped; occasional sideburns were his sole concession to the style of the hippie era.
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