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sidecarside‧car /ˈsaɪdkɑː $ -kɑːr/ noun [countable]  TTCa small vehicle attached to the side of a motorcycle, in which a passenger can ride
Examples from the Corpus
sidecarA motorbike and sidecar was illuminated by light from the naked bulb inside the kitchen.Billy Tolboys pulled up the collar of his ancient leather overcoat and hunched down even deeper into the motorcycle sidecar.She'd arrived in the sidecar of Miss Brahms's current beau and her coiffure had suffered terrible punishment as a result.I rode pillion & Bob in the sidecar, because the only spare helmet was too small for Bob.I potter and practise on my newly-restored Orange Beast, my socket set in the sidecar and patience at the ready.Gripping the sides of the sidecar, he urged Yanto to increase the already rapid pace.And so the venture was launched as a weekend sidecar to their regular jobs.
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