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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsidewaysside‧ways /ˈsaɪdweɪz/ ●○○ adverb  1 SIDEto or towards one side A strong gust of wind blew the car sideways into the ditch.2 SIDEwith the side, rather than the front or back, facing forwards They brought the piano sideways through the front door.3 if you are moved sideways at work, you are given a job that is different from, but is at the same level as, your old job He would be moved sideways, rather than demoted.sideways adjective a sideways glance knock somebody sideways at knock1(13)
Examples from the Corpus
sidewaysThe tormented Onna, stark naked, pushed the blade in and pulled it sideways.This chapter begins by considering three basic directions for expressing power in Organizations-downward, upward, and sideways.We started for the truck with Janir carrying the doll sideways.She sat sideways across her boyfriend's lap.Feeling her stomach churn with the painful memories, she leaned sideways and was violently sick.Athelstan looked sideways at Benedicta and his heart lurched.Start with arms outstretched and curve sideways, bringing the arm up and over as far as possible.Tony swayed sideways but caught himself before he fell.If we turn the chest sideways, I think we can get it through the door.The car skidded sideways off the road.He leaned sideways slightly to let Jane past.He turned his body sideways, tenderly, to protect his eyes.Mud began to thump in the wheel wells, and the car skidded sideways, went off the road, and stuck.sideways glanceBut the same pursed smile and mischievous sideways glance, as if she really must not laugh at her own jokes.During the slow hops between traffic lights Carson stole sideways glances at his passenger.She could sense it in the way men talked to her, the sideways glances of strangers.Three times as the president spoke, Diana flashed him the kind of flattering sideways glances she once gave Charles.She slid him a sideways glance, wondering how he'd react if she announced she was leaving immediately.
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