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sightlesssight‧less /ˈsaɪtləs/ adjective literary  MISIGHT/ABILITY TO SEEblind
Examples from the Corpus
sightlessHe wore a sharp little beard, though his eyes were sightless.In matters concerning his domestic life, Wakelate was notoriously sightless.Even when they are blanks, sightless as in sculpture, they focus the attention hypnotically.Her greenish eyes were wide open, staring sightless at the ceiling.Langford received the gaze of his wide-set, sightless brown eyes, from which all glint of humor was gone.The shutters were firmly closed at the ticket booth, the waxwork policemen staring with sightless eyes at passers-by.The Worm turned and reared up at them, and there was something in its sightless head that they knew showed satisfaction.Now, her face is a scarred and sightless mask that evokes horror and disgust from strangers.
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