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sightseeingsight‧see‧ing /ˈsaɪtˌsiːɪŋ/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  DLTVISITwhen you visit famous or interesting places, especially as tourists She swam and sunbathed, went sightseeing, and relaxed.
Examples from the Corpus
sightseeingCost: $ 2,300 per person, double occupancy, including hotels, most meals, ground transportation and sightseeing.We spent the days sightseeing and the evenings sitting in cosy bars drinking the local wine.Included in the cost are round-trip airfare from New York, hotel accommodations, kosher breakfasts and dinners, sightseeing and transfers.On most days the official programme occupied only the evenings so that day time was available for sightseeing.Two days do not give much time for sightseeing.Why don't we go sightseeing tomorrow?In London, participants will go sightseeing and then attend the Farnborough Air Show.After an afternoon's sightseeing we were all exhausted.I set off to do some sightseeing in San Antonio with a sense of well-being.He took girls to the opera and went sightseeing.went sightseeingHe took girls to the opera and went sightseeing.
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