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sightseersight‧se‧er /ˈsaɪtsiːə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  DLTVISITsomeone, especially a tourist, who is visiting a famous or interesting placesee thesaurus at tourist
Examples from the Corpus
sightseerAesop kept craning his neck about like a sightseer all the way down, until it broke.The cries of the annoyed sightseers dying away behind them, they left the wharf and slid off downstream.This is reflected in the fairs, festivals and sports events which are held throughout the year and which attract many sightseers.A crowd of sightseers had gathered on the street across from the burning houses.And police have been mobilised to keep order among hundreds of sightseers.Some problems were the result of sightseers splashing through submerged roads in vehicles.A uniformed man, there to ward off sightseers, saluted.
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