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sign of life

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsign of lifesign of lifea) living/alivea movement that shows that someone is alive, or something that shows that there are people in a particular place She listened intently for signs of life. b) something that shows that a situation is becoming more active Commercial property markets are now showing definite signs of life. sign
Examples from the Corpus
sign of lifeEven when all sign of life had gone I kept on feeling itchy.There are signs of life above the snow, too.A flock was once thought to be a decisive sign of life, some noble formation only life could achieve.Here are inchoate signs of life, but not as we know it, Jim.After the bout in which I intimated signs of life, I came through the ropes, smiling.It was Hilda Machin, and there was no sign of life.There was no sign of life.I looked around for the slightest sign of life.
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