Date: 1500-1600
Language: Old French
Origin: Medieval Latin signatura, from Latin signare; SIGN2


1 [countable] your name written in the way you usually write it, for example at the end of a letter, or on a cheque etc to show that you have written it:
Her signature is totally illegible (=cannot be read).
The school collected 4000 signatures for the petition.
The Ukranians put their signatures to the Lisbon Protocol.
Someone's forged my signature (=made an illegal copy of my name to deceive people) on this letter.
Each child must obtain the signature of his or her parents.
! Your signature is what you write when you sign your name. The act of putting a signature on something is called signing: the signing of the treaty
2 [uncountable] formal the act of signing something
for signature
We will send you a copy of the agreement for signature.
3 [countable usually singular] something that is closely related to an event, person, or style:
Smith's signature singing style
key signature, time signatureWORD FOCUS: name WORD FOCUS: name
someone's first name: first name, given name especially AmE, Christian name

someone's family name: family name, last name, surname, maiden name (a woman's family name before she gets married)

the name between your first and last name: middle name

all of the words of someone's name: full name

when someone writes their name: signature, autograph (of a famous person)

a name used instead of someone's real name: nickname a short name used by someone's friends or family
pen name
/pseudonym a name used by a writer
stage name
the name used by an actor
false name
, alias a name used especially by a criminal
under an assumed name
using a false name in order to hide your identity

the name of a thing: title the name of a book, film, picture etc
common name
the name for a plant, animal, substance etc used by ordinary people
scientific name
the name used by scientists
a word or phrase used in technical contexts

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