sig‧nif‧i‧cance W2 [singular, uncountable]
1 the importance of an event, action etc, especially because of the effects or influence it will have in the future [≠ insignificance]:
Stella didn't attach any significance to Doug's query.
significance of
the significance of climate change
The book assesses the significance of Stalin's policies between 1927 and 1939.
significance for
The results of the study have a wider significance for all the profession.
great/little significance (in something)
The crime problem has great significance to the general public.
grasp/appreciate the significance (of something) (=fully understand something)
The press were slow to grasp the significance of what happened.
2 the meaning of a word, sign, action etc, especially when this is not immediately clear
significance of
the significance of the words that refer to the bread Christ shares with his disciples
full/real/true significance
Only later did we realize the true significance of his remark.

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