Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: signifier, from Latin significare, from signum; SIGN1


sig‧ni‧fy past tense and past participle signified, present participle signifying, third person singular signifies [not in progressive]
1 [transitive] to represent, mean, or be a sign of something:
Some tribes use special facial markings to signify status.
The image of the lion signified power and strength.
signify (that)
The symbol used signifies that the frequency is measured in kHz.
2 [transitive] formal if you signify a feeling, opinion etc, you do something that acts as a sign so that other people know your feeling or opinion
signify that
Hamilton waved his hand to signify that he didn't mind what they decided.
signify something (to somebody)
He turned away from her slightly to signify his indifference.
3 [intransitive] to be important enough to have an effect on something:
These figures don't really signify in the overall results.

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