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silkensilk‧en /ˈsɪlkən/ adjective [usually before noun] literary  1 SHINYsoft, smooth, and shiny like silk syn silky her silken hair2 TIMDCmade of silk syn silky a silken handkerchief
Examples from the Corpus
silkenThe room contained a piano, some books bound in morocco and others with velvet and silken bindings and gold-leafed edges.One had fine gold silken hair, faded and grey with the dust.I was thirty and single, and a handsome, older man loved me and brought me silken presents and poetry.The prince was dressed in red silken robes.He undressed and slipped into the bed beside her, her body warm and naked beneath the silken sheets.They simply spin a silken sling to attach themselves to a twig.The Shadow rides superbly too, soft and silken, smothering the road surface but without feeling ponderous.Then, after attaining elevation, they launch themselves into space, rappelling down a silken thread of their own making.The silken thread tying her to home had parted, and there was no turning back.
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