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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsillysil‧ly1 /ˈsɪli/ ●●● S2 adjective (comparative sillier, superlative silliest)  1 STUPID/NOT SENSIBLEnot sensible, or showing bad judgment Stop asking silly questions. You made a lot of silly mistakes. I left my keys at home, which was a pretty silly thing to do. ‘Shall we go for a walk?’ ‘Don’t be silly, it’s dark.’see thesaurus at stupid2 STUPID/NOT SENSIBLEstupid in a childish or embarrassing way I feel so silly in this outfit. a silly hat I hate their parties – we always end up playing silly games.3 spokenJOKING/NOT SERIOUSSENSIBLE# not serious or practical They served us coffee in these silly little cups.4 bore somebody silly5 drink/laugh/scare etc yourself sillysilliness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
sillyAnd, though I believe she is at heart a sensible girl, she might be driven to do something silly.Summoning the presence not to say something catty, I said something silly.You know the sort of thing ... Good, kind people, but extraordinarily silly.Don't pay any attention to her - she's just being silly.I have a question which might sound a bit silly.Now don't be silly, get up off the floor.One such came lolloping up to Meredith, a silly grin on its face.Rehearsals over, a certain degree of moodiness or silly humor would overtake him.You're just a silly little boy.Life was too short to worry about every silly little detail.We saw all these city people with their silly little sandals on.You've made a lot of silly mistakes in this essay.That was silly of me -- I just locked the trunk and the keys are inside.I thought it was a damn silly place to park if some one wanted to take a leak in the bushes.Do you mind if I ask a silly question?I had locked myself out, which was a silly thing to do.It's silly to build another room onto the house now.I think you're silly to worry so much about your hair.a ... silly thing to doLanding down wind is a silly thing to do.
sillysilly2 noun spoken  STUPID/NOT SENSIBLEused to tell someone that you think they are not behaving sensibly No, silly, I didn’t mean that.
Examples from the Corpus
sillyNo, silly, put it over there!