Language: Old English
Origin: sælig 'happy'


1 adjective
sil‧ly1 S3 comparative sillier, superlative silliest
1 not sensible, or showing bad judgment:
Stop asking silly questions.
You made a lot of silly mistakes.
I left my keys at home, which was a pretty silly thing to do.
'Shall we go for a walk?' ' Don't be silly, it's dark.'
2 stupid in a childish or embarrassing way:
I feel so silly in this outfit.
a silly hat
I hate their parties - we always end up playing silly games.
3 spoken not serious or practical:
They served us coffee in these silly little cups.

bore somebody silly

informal to make someone extremely bored

drink/scare/laugh etc yourself silly

informal to drink or laugh etc so much that you stop behaving sensibly
silliness noun [uncountable]

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