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silosi‧lo /ˈsaɪləʊ $ -loʊ/ noun (plural silos) [countable]  1 TAa tall structure like a tower that is used for storing grain, winter food for farm animals etc2 PMWa large structure under the ground from which a large missile can be fired
Examples from the Corpus
siloAlso, when decisions based on that analysis process are made, they get implemented rather than lost in the functional silos.The same issues are worked more successfully by breaking up those functional silos.In modern mills, grain is stored in silos which are often separate from the mill and near to a bulk intake point.The first solution to this dilemma was to harden existing Minuteman missile silos.Sixteen digesters rose sixty feet like a bank of missile silos.It had a capacity of 20,000 tons in timber silos and was taken over by the Commissioners in 1906.These homes were like an unsavoury silo, places to store people rather than house them.Place in preheated oven and bake until silo is crisp and brown, about 30 minutes.
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