sim‧i‧lar‧i‧ty W2 plural similarities
[uncountable and countable] if there is a similarity between two things or people, they are similar in some way [≠ difference; ↪ likeness]COLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
striking similarity close/great/strong similarity bear a/some similarity to something (=be like something) there the similarity ends (=used to say that two people or things are not alike in other ways)
similarity between
There are some striking similarities between the two plays.
similarity to
the song's close similarity to traditional Jewish music
The present crisis bears some similarity to the oil crisis of the 1970s.
similarity of
the similarity of their names
similarity in
I was struck by the similarities in their early lives.
similarity with
The police are checking for similarities with other recent attacks in the area.
There are similarities with German, though Yiddish is a distinct language.
They are both blonde, but there the similarity ends.

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