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Beauvoir, Simone de

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishBeauvoir, Simone deSimone de BeauvoirBeau‧voir, Si‧mone de /ˈbəʊvwɑː $ bəʊˈvwɑːr, sɪˈməʊn də/  (1908–86) a French writer who had an important influence on the development of feminism and was also interested in the ideas of existentialism. Her most famous book is The Second Sex, but she also wrote several novels. She was for many years in a relationship with Jean-Paul sartre.de Beauvoir, SimoneSimone de Beauvoirde Beau‧voir, Si‧mone /də ˈbəʊvwɑː, siːˈmaʊn $ boʊˈvwɑːr, siːˈmoʊn/  (1908–86) a French writer, thought by some to be the mother of feminist writing. She had a relationship with the philosopher and writer Jean-Paul sartre which lasted until Sartre died in 1980.
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