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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsimple-mindedˌsimple-ˈminded adjective  STUPID/NOT INTELLIGENTnot very intelligent, and unable to understand complicated things syn simple
Examples from the Corpus
simple-mindedThe story is simple, not to say simple-minded.It sounds simple-minded, and perhaps it was, but it was all we could do.Zen had always derived much amusement from Ellen's simple-minded approach to current affairs.Nevertheless, by posing questions rather than serving up morals, he's caught some flak from simple-minded gay critics.An objector will immediately point to the lack of stability of this simple, some will say simple-minded, hierarchy.Thus Ben Jonson on the simple-minded reading public of 1625.However simple-minded the above example may appear, it underlines the need for caution in examining the results of statistical computations.It is hard not to sympathise with those simple-minded viewers and tabloid newspaper editors who mistake the characters for the actors.
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