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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsimplisticsim‧plis‧tic /sɪmˈplɪstɪk/ ●○○ adjective  SIMPLE/PLAINtreating difficult subjects in a way that is too simple This is a very simplistic approach to the problem.simplistically /-kli/ adverb
Examples from the Corpus
simplisticBut that would be a little too simplistic.That's unfair and far too simplistic.But this simplistic account of that crucial phase of evolution has not stood the test of modern investigation.This is not only simplistic but it is even ignorant of pain-provoking peripheral nerve fibres now known to exist in man.a simplistic 'more is better' philosophyBoth would cost us dear with their simplistic solutions.They argue that Marx's class analysis is too simplistic to account adequately for the complexity of social inequality.It would be simplistic to suggest that the Bible promotes male domination.His critics say it may have been overly simplistic to use only two experimental methods.a naïve and simplistic view of the worldThis could inadvertently promote a simplistic zoning pattern in local authority policies.
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