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Simpsons, The

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishSimpsons, TheThe SimpsonsSimp‧sons, The /ˈsɪmpsənz/  a humorous US television cartoon programme about a family called Simpson, consisting of: Homer, the father, Marge, the mother, Bart, the son, Lisa, the daughter, and Maggie, the baby. The characters are yellow with big heads and big eyes, and Marge has blue hair that sticks up high above her head. Bart is clever but lazy, and does not like school. Lisa is very intelligent, reads a lot, and does well at school. The children argue and fight a lot. Marge takes care of them all and tries to stop the arguing and fighting. Homer loves his children but spends a lot of time watching TV, eating, and drinking beer. He works in a nuclear power station.
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