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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsimulacrumsim‧u‧la‧crum /ˌsɪmjəˈleɪkrəm/ noun (plural simulacra /-krə/) [countable + of] formal  PICTUREsomething that is made to look like another thing
Examples from the Corpus
simulacrumFrom the first, our face is a simulacrum, captured in and by the image.Lit in this way a room is a simulacrum of a dream world.Put simply, a simulacrum is an identical copy without an original.For the face as simulacrum can only refer us to yet another image, there being no true face behind the mask.His outer housing alone presented astonishing simulacrum in the relaxed pose of the back and shoulders, the realistic voicings.Now that's the kind of hyperreal simulacrum I'd have paid good money to watch.But Lodge's Rummidge, that reductive simulacrum of Birmingham, was too obviously a conceit for his fictional games.
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