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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsimulatedsim‧u‧lat‧ed /ˈsɪmjəleɪtɪd/ ●○○ AWL adjective  ARTIFICIALnot real, but made to look, sound, or feel real a simulated nuclear explosion She looked at the report with simulated interest.see thesaurus at artificial
Examples from the Corpus
simulatedBefore calculation of the explained variance, both simulated and observed temperatures have been adjusted to have the same 1861-1900 mean.Trainees could carry out office work for small simulated companies.Models of the bridge have been tested under simulated earthquake conditions.This feature can be used to provide simulated inertia and momentum.It was one of those horrible simulated-leather 'executive' chairs.simulated leatherEach of the documents was processed by the confusion program to produce simulated recognition output.A simulated road course, the Campbell Course, was added in 1937 and ran in an anti-clockwise direction.The next step up is real cars in a simulated situation ... preferably off-road in a real car.They are the specialists who are disenchanted with the simulated thrills of performing circus routines.The movie's simulated tropical storm used up huge quantities of water.
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