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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsimulatorsim‧u‧la‧tor /ˈsɪmjəleɪtə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  TTa machine that is used for training people by letting them feel what real conditions are like, for example in a plane a flight simulator
Examples from the Corpus
simulatorTransfer of training from a simulator to a real situation is never complete and does not necessarily increase with degree of fidelity.Sansamp, amp simulator, £130 ono.Lucky for me, there is a huge library of chopper simulators to choose from.These texts were then processed by the confusion simulator program, and the output used as input to the definitional overlap program.Corncob is one of the best Shareware flight simulators I used and will provide hours of entertainment for any would be Hero.The trials also involved asking a pilot to land a damaged plane using the flight simulator.White noise is not a good simulator of music, which contains more energy at low frequencies than at high ones.Request check your telemetry monitoring and suggest you review unit in your ship systems simulator.
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