Language: Old English
Origin: synn


1 noun
Related topics: Religion
sin1 S2
1 [uncountable and countable]RR an action that is against religious rules and is considered to be an offence against God
sin of
the sin of pride
She needed to confess her sins and ask for forgiveness.
He knew that he had committed a terrible sin.
the seven deadly sins (=seven bad feelings or desires, in the Christian religion)
2 informal

a sin

something that you think is very wrong
it is a sin (to do something)
There's so much lovely food here, it would be a sin to waste it.

live in sin

old-fashioned if two people live in sin, they live together in a sexual relationship without being married

as miserable/ugly/guilty as sin

especially British English spoken very unhappy, ugly, or guilty:
I saw Margaret this morning looking as miserable as sin.

for my sins

especially British English spokenXX an expression used to suggest jokingly that you have to do something as a punishment:
I work at head office now, for my sins.
[↪ sinful]

➔ cover/hide a multitude of sins

at multitude (4), cardinal sin, mortal sin, original sin

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