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sinesine /saɪn/ noun [countable] technical (written abbreviation sin)  HMthe fraction(2) calculated for an angle by dividing the length of the side opposite it in a triangle that has a right angle, by the length of the side opposite the right angle cosine, tangent
Examples from the Corpus
sineSome land reforms have embraced soil conservation as a sine qua non of long term productivity gains by land reform beneficiaries.Immediately after inputting a sine wave to your network, you should observe the embryo of a sine wave.Prevention of depression and inflation remains a sine qua non for economic security.Thinking these thoughts gets in the way of my learning about sines and cosines.As the network training process dynamics continue, you should see the output take the shape of a perfect sine wave.This function returns the sine of an angle.The sine function, hyperbolic tangent, and other non-linear variations on these basic ideas have also been used.
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