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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsinewysin‧ew‧y /ˈsɪnjuːi/ adjective  STRONG PERSONa sinewy person has a thin body and strong muscles a big man with long, sinewy arms
Examples from the Corpus
sinewyHis lips were firm and damp enough, the hand that caressed her face dry and sinewy.He was tall and sinewy, and his fingers gripped her arms with a steely strength.He lifted one sinewy arm to wave.He got out of the tub, his sinewy body dripping water.He was good at climbing; it was a sport in which his small, sinewy build was on his side.Angela hung on to it fiercely, but the alsatian was too strong and sinewy for her.A short, sinewy man, he had an easygoing manner that concealed an inner intensity.We are sinewy, old wood, old trunks with fading limbs and few leaves!
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