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single honours

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single honoursˌsingle ˈhonours noun [uncountable]  SECa university degree course in Britain in which you study only one main subject joint honours
Examples from the Corpus
single honoursLinguistics may be studied either as a single honours degree or as part of a joint honours degree.As well as the single honours degree in Archaeology there are several other combinations, spread across three faculties.The third year is spent abroad and the fourth year follows the pattern of the final year of the single honours degree.If you take the single honours BCom degree, you will also study at least one year of economics and accountancy.In the first two years of study the Geology and Geography courses offered to single honours students are compulsory.Teachers and careers advisers tend to push students towards single honours physics or chemistry degrees, or, more usually, engineering.Biological Sciences Within Biological Sciences there are twelve single honours degree specialisations.The Department of Economic and Social History offers two single honours degrees.
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