Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: Latin singulus


1 adjective
Related topics: Transport
sin‧gle1 S2 W1


[only before noun] only one:
A single tree gave shade from the sun.
They won the game by a single point.
the highest price ever paid for a single work of art
a single-sex school (=one for only boys or girls)

every single

used to emphasize that you are talking about every person or thing:
Don't write down every single word I say.
He works every single day.

not a single

no people or things at all:
The plane was brought down safely and not a single passenger was killed.
We didn't get a single reply to the advertisement.

the single biggest/greatest etc

used to emphasize that you are talking about the one thing that is the biggest, greatest etc:
Cigarette smoking is the single most important cause of lung cancer.
Tourism is the country's single biggest earner.

not married

not married, or not involved in a romantic relationship with anyone:
The changes in tax rates will benefit single people the most.
Is he single?

single bed/room etc

DH a bed, room etc that is meant to be used by one person only:
You have to pay extra for a single room.


British EnglishTT a single ticket etc is for a trip from one place to another but not back again [= one-way; ↪ return, round-trip]
WORD FOCUS: married WORD FOCUS: married
single not married
if you are divorced, you have officially ended your marriage to someone
if you are engaged to be married, you have formally agreed to marry someone in the future
if you are widowed, your husband or wife has died
be living together
to be living as a couple in the same house without being married
formal the person you are married to
your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend
marital status
whether you are single or married - used on official forms

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