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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsinglysin‧gly /ˈsɪŋɡli/ adverb  ALONEalone, or one at a time Plant the trees singly or in small groups.
Examples from the Corpus
singlyHauntings and exorcisms; you can't buy them singly.Once well formed, remove the polythene bag and allow to grow on for a few weeks before potting on each plant singly.When reflected from a rough surface, singly and doubly reflected waves intermingle, and the signal is depolarized.The 116-page catalog specifies which items may be purchased singly and which are sold only in multiples.Taken singly none is completely reliable.Are the rolls sold singly or by the dozen?And all, whether singly or in combination, have preceded previous recessions.A large number of possible diseases can occur singly or in combination.Assuming the past is irrecoverable, the obvious fall-back positions are ethnicity and religion, singly or in combination.
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