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singsongsing‧song /ˈsɪŋsɒŋ $ -sɒːŋ/ noun  1 [singular]HIGH POSITION OR RANK a way of speaking in which your voice keeps rising and falling I recognized her soft singsong immediately.2 [countable] British EnglishDLSING an informal occasion when people sing songs together syn singalong American English We had a bit of a singsong later.singsong adjective a singsong voice
Examples from the Corpus
singsongIn a singsong tone he translated the address into Annamese for his emperor.We had a choir visiting another Home which we arranged, with food and a little buffet, a nice singsong, etc.Fifi whines periodically, and Yoyo has recited something for the men, he can tell from the singsong in her voice.
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