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singularsin‧gu‧lar1 /ˈsɪŋɡjələ $ -ər/ ●●● adjective  1 SLGa singular noun, verb, form etc is used when writing or speaking about one person or thingplural the singular form of the noun If the subject is singular, use a singular verb.2 [usually before noun] formalVERY very great or very noticeable He showed a singular lack of tact in the way he handled the situation. a singular achievement3 literaryUNUSUAL very unusual or strange I wondered why she was behaving in so singular a fashion.
Examples from the Corpus
singularA singular boundary point q can then be classified according to this scheme.We saw another singular item on the list of objects for sale: Napoleon's reading glasses.She wished she could fulfil her search for this singular man from her bed, by the power of her mind alone.The singular objective of this partnership is to improve the company's safety performance.This singular passion did not long remain concealed from the Goddess of Passionate Love.Enya's music possesses a singular sense of vision and originality.And damn him for daring to pry into my affairs and for subtly mocking my singular state!No explanation or suggestions accompanied this rather singular statement.What this condition of the theatre indicates is that the establishing of a singular text for many plays is extremely difficult.It is an honest, remarkable and singular thing in itself.singular formAutogena is not the first artist to be attracted by their singular form.Plurals and singulars All nouns have a plural and a singular form.Yet one had to admit that the divine selection could take singular forms.It may seem petty to distinguish between the plural and singular form, and therefore unnecessary to include both in the index.Strange Singulars Sometimes the plural or singular form of a noun is so rarely used that people forget what it is.But after escaping to join another gang, Devi carried out a singular form of retribution.singular lackEven this singular lack of results did not undermine him.Congress, at least publicly, exhibited a singular lack of understanding of the causes and nature of the Seminole War.
singularsingular2 ●●● noun   the singular
Examples from the Corpus
singularFor a long time yet, the word civilization will continue to be used in both singular and plural.If we were asked, now, to define civilization in the singular, we should certainly be more hesitant.The universal, the totality, can only be known through the singular.Note that criteria, data and dicta are plural words: the singulars are criterion, datum and dictum.
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