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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsingularlysin‧gu‧lar‧ly /ˈsɪŋɡjələli $ -lərli/ adverb formal  VERYin a way that is very noticeable or unusual a singularly foolish plan He has singularly failed to live up to his promises.
Examples from the Corpus
singularlya singularly beautiful womanThese were singularly dry of any news.National Public Radio is singularly effective in promoting a national culture nationwide, reaching where no other institutions penetrate.Jeff Tweedy gave a singularly honest, heartfelt performance that carried him off the stage and into the crowd.But now that the truth is out on both sides, they are surely singularly out of place.George Luks was singularly qualified to introduce Margarett to the world of progressive art.That experience was to prove singularly rich in its diversity and in its legacy of Sussex church architecture.Although H-I did what it set out to do, it performed so singularly that people were perplexed by its success.In appearance he was singularly unprepossessing.
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