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sink or swim

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsink or swimsink or swimSUCCEED IN DOING somethingFAILto succeed or fail without help from anyone else They don’t give you a lot of guidance – you’re just left to sink or swim, really. sink
Examples from the Corpus
sink or swimSome people advocate leaving the jobless to sink or swim.A case of sink or swim.Now it was sink or swim.She had been thrown in at the deep end and it was a question of sink or swim.Only one person really cared whether he sank or swam, and he was far off in Paris.It was sink or swim as a classroom teacher.The Ohio bank does not leave its newcomers to sink or swim by themselves.When a promising apprentice loses his claim it is usually sink or swim time.But it is a collective machine because they all sink or swim with her.
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