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sink without trace

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsink without tracesink without traceespecially British English (also sink like a stone especially American English) if something sinks without trace, it fails quickly or no one pays attention to it He made a few records, which all sank without trace. sink
Examples from the Corpus
sink without traceBut unlike the Titanic, the story of the Tek Sing and its passengers sank without trace.Early attempts - including putting a ping-pong ball inside a soap bar - sank without trace.It was even tried years ago by Olivetti among others, but those products sank without trace.Many small labels have sunk without trace.Now that has all been sunk without trace.The Labour government broke up and the report of the Macmillan Committee sank without trace.Then the shipyards sank without trace, and it was three years on the dole.
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