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sinking fund

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sinking fundˈsinking ˌfund noun [countable] technical  BFmoney saved regularly by a business to pay for something in the future
Examples from the Corpus
sinking fundThe bonds are noncallable, but the 2010 maturity is callable subject to a sinking fund.A sinking fund establishes a procedure for the orderly retirement of a bond over the life of the issue.Bond indentures often contain call provisions and sinking fund require-ments.He also would establish a national debt-elimination sinking fund to set aside the fruits of economic growth for debt reduction.Almost its only significant proposal was concerned with debt management and the Creation of a new sinking fund.The 1990-91 figure of £50,000 under Continuing Education was set aside for a pupillage sinking fund.
From Longman Business Dictionarysinking fundˈsinking fund [countable]FINANCECOMMERCE a fund into which regular payments are made so that future expenses can be paidThe building’s management company set up a sinking fund to which all flat owners contributed to pay for repairs. fund
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