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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsinuoussin‧u‧ous /ˈsɪnjuəs/ adjective  1 TURNmoving with smooth twists and turns, like a snake the sinuous grace of a cat2 with many smooth twists and turns They followed the sinuous trail deep into the mountains.sinuously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
sinuousMatta's game had had something like a worm, a maggot, carved on the box - something fat and sinuous.In the valley that roughly parallels the road and the stream is a very long, sinuous, and narrow hill.And into the silence, sinuous and pin-clear, the first few notes of a flute concerto.So I come to meet her, equipped with three sets of sinuous arms and flashing hands.a tree with sinuous branchesIt became imperative that he take hold of the bottom rung of the sinuous ladder, which he did.On the evidence here, they wrote sinuous miniatures, marked by exotic rhythms and almost completely irresistible.I watched the sinuous movements of her head and arms.Blood appears, a shining dark sinuous presence.Consequently, fashionable women of 1910 could wear flowing, sinuous shapes in dramatic hues.
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