Date: 1200-1300
Origin: SIRE1


sir W3
1 spoken used when speaking to a man in order to be polite or show respect:
'Report back to me in an hour, sergeant.' 'Yes, sir.'
Can I help you, sir?
Sir! You dropped your wallet.
madam (1) British English ma'am American English

Dear Sir/Sirs

TCM used at the beginning of a formal letter to a man or to people you do not know


a title used before the first name of a knight or baronet:
Sir Paul McCartney
Sir Jasper
4 British English spoken used by children at school when speaking to or talking about a male teacher:
Sir, I've forgotten my homework.
Look out - sir's coming back!
miss2 (4)

no/yes sir!

also no/yes siree! especially American English old-fashioned spoken used to emphasize a statement or an answer to a question:
I will not have that man in my home, no sir!

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