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Churchill, Sir Winston

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishChurchill, Sir WinstonSir Winston ChurchillChur‧chill, Sir Win‧ston /ˈtʃɜːtʃɪl $ ˈtʃɜːr-, ˈwɪnstən/  (1874–1965) a British politician in the Conservative Party who was prime minister during most of World War II and again from 1951 to 1955. He is still remembered and admired by most British people as a great leader who made possible Britain’s victory in the war. He is also famous for the many speeches he made during the war, especially on the radio, encouraging British people to believe that they would eventually win. Pictures of Churchill usually show him wearing a hat and smoking a large cigar. He is also known for making the V-sign to show his belief in a British victory in the war.Churchillian /tʃɜːˈtʃɪliən $ tʃɜːr-/ adjective a stirring Churchillian speech
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