Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: sereine, from Latin siren, from Greek seiren;
Sense: 1
Origin: French sirène, from Old French sereine


Related topics: Technology
si‧ren [countable]
1T a piece of equipment that makes very loud warning sounds, used on police cars, fire engines etc:
the wail of the ambulance sirens
I heard police sirens in the distance.

siren voices/song/call

literary encouragement to do something that seems very good, especially when this could have bad results:
siren voices calling for the sale of weapons to the region
3 a woman who is very attractive but also dangerous to men - used especially in newspapers:
a Hollywood siren

the Sirens

RM a group of women in ancient Greek stories, whose beautiful singing made sailors sail towards them into dangerous water

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