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sirensi‧ren /ˈsaɪərən $ ˈsaɪr-/ noun [countable]  1 TWARNa piece of equipment that makes very loud warning sounds, used on police cars, fire engines etc the wail of the ambulance sirens I heard police sirens in the distance.2 siren voices/song/call3 ATTRACTa woman who is very attractive but also dangerous to men – used especially in newspapers a Hollywood siren4 the Sirens
Examples from the Corpus
sirenIn the distance a siren wailed.Voices, music, sirens, horns were louder, brasher, more frantic.Bet you didn't know, for instance, that there's a nuclear siren right here in the village?I fall asleep to the drone of sirens and helicopters overhead.I howl with the blaring of the air raid sirens.At six, he sounds the siren on his way home to supper and usually is a few minutes fast.There's this siren going behind me, getting louder and louder, and I turn round to have a look.With sirens blaring and amber lights flashing, the squad cars slewed to a halt at the rear of a war-torn Cadillac.
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