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siren voices/song/call

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsiren voices/song/callsiren voices/song/callliteraryPERSUADE encouragement to do something that seems very good, especially when this could have bad results siren voices calling for the sale of weapons to the region siren
Examples from the Corpus
siren voices/song/callForty Niners president Carmen Policy called the lure of free agency a siren song.Then, unable to resist the telephonic siren song, she picked it up.The bottom line is that General Motors heeded the siren song of management Centralism in the mid-sixties.Daniel Boone heard it: the siren song of the open road, beckoning him to pack up and go.Mr. Sheerman Is not it time that the Minister ignored some of the siren voices behind her?This coalition must hold together in the post-war settlement and resist the siren voices calling for a huge re-arming of the region.They prepared their siren song for the early-evening crowd.
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