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sit tight

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsit tightsit tightspoken a) STAY/NOT LEAVEto stay where you are and not move Just sit tight – I’ll be there in five minutes. b) NOT DO somethingto stay in the same situation, and not change your mind and do anything new We’re advising all our investors to sit tight till the market improves. sit
Examples from the Corpus
sit tightYou could head back to the Cities, just sit tight.She is loath to encourage folks to sit tight.Through the summer runup in technology stock prices, executives at the on-line service provider sat tight.You might want to sit tight a few months and see what happens to the stock market.Then city officials sat tight and hoped it would pay off.Just sit tight - I'll be there in ten minutes.But Solomon sat tight in his rain barrel, and after the cossacks had left empty-handed, he made his escape.He might just sit tight inside the castle.When an intruder approaches, the parents fly off and the chicks sit tight nomatterhow close it comes.Or the rabbits sit tight underground as they become cornered by the ferrets.You sit tight while I go and get some help.
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