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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsite-specificˌsite-speˈcific adjective  designed and made to be used in a particular place, or relating to a particular place a site-specific policy
Examples from the Corpus
site-specificsite-specific artworksLarge scale, site-specific projects which do not allow for secondary sale are hardly ever considered to be a worthwhile investment.Local mineral plans will build on this framework with more site-specific proposals.Hronek also performs site-specific safety and risk assessment consultations for government and organizations.Funding was also received from the Eastern Arts Board for installation and site-specific work.My decision early on to build site-specific works in steel took me out of the traditional studio.However, the contextual issue of site-specific works remains problematic.It is the explicit intention of site-specific works to alter their context.It is most unusual for an open show to accommodate site-specific works.
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