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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsix-figureˌsix-ˈfigure adjective [only before noun]  used to describe a number that is 100,000 or more, especially an amount of money a six-figure sum a six-figure salary
Examples from the Corpus
six-figureHe missed the cut by eight strokes, collected his six-figure appearance fee, and split for a month at home.Webbe is reported to want a four-year, six-figure contract.An endorsement like that may make Mr Koons forget all about losing his six-figure copyright infringement suit.She lost her six-figure Hollywood income.Bidders are now required to post six-figure performance bonds, to be forfeited upon failure.It may seem a little loopy that computer gamers have a league of their own, with six-figure prize money to boot.Star players earn six-figure salaries but the average is about $ 30,000 per player.Any further hold up to the Spittalburn stretch will cost the taxpayer a six-figure sum for each week's delay.
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