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sixth sense

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsixth senseˌsixth ˈsense noun [singular]  INSTINCTa special ability to know things without using any of your five ordinary senses such as your hearing or sight He seemed to have a sixth sense for knowing when his brother was in trouble.
Examples from the Corpus
sixth senseBut there are underlying similarities, one of which is having almost a sixth sense about how to make things work.A forward has a sixth sense and from an early stage I realised I had the corner back in my pocket.He has a sixth sense to recognise the genuine from the phoney.Rob has a sixth sense for making the right investment.An eerie sixth sense guided him to wherever a crisis was unfolding.Of touch, taste and smell, I have no complaints and my sixth sense is a work in progress.My sixth sense told me to stay here.She appeared to have the sixth sense of a bat and could identify, record, and register every item on sale.Many hunters and men moving close to nature have commented on this sixth sense, warning them of danger.
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