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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsizeablesize‧a‧ble, sizable /ˈsaɪzəbəl/ adjective  BIGfairly largesizeable amount/number a sizeable amount of moneysizeable proportion/portion/minority (of something) Part-time students make up a sizeable proportion of the college population.
Examples from the Corpus
sizeableSome Prescott votes will transfer to Beckett, but the left should still be able to muster a sizeable block.A sizeable computer system contract with Credit Suisse excited investors in electronics firm Rolfe & Nolan which jumped 12p to 235p.During 1990 they rose to a sizeable four million.To determine this they want to do their own biopsy, and will require a sizeable lymph node to go at.More than 10 houses were burnt and a sizeable number of cattle stolen.Where a grouping is a sizeable one it becomes divided into smaller subgroups.I see Scribners is bringing out both the novels, and has a sizeable publicity campaign on the stocks.sizeable proportion/portion/minority (of something)Foreigners were small in number and for the most part temporary residents, but there were two sizeable minority groups in the country.The Cabinet closed ranks behind him and a sizeable proportion of his back-benchers followed suit.A sizeable proportion of the episcopal appointments recorded by Gregory are quite clearly uncanonical.My eyes fell instead on Idi, his back taking up a sizeable portion of the first pew.A sizeable proportion of the population did not even listen to the speech.It was noted that a sizeable minority of the Shop still wanted to fight for differentials.A sizeable proportion of these cases were suspected arson and were related to increased business failure because of high interest rates.A sizeable minority said hardship was forcing them to give up education.
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