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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsizzlingsiz‧zling /ˈsɪzəlɪŋ/ adjective especially American English  1 HOTvery hot syn boiling a sizzling afternoon2 very exciting, especially in a sexual way a sizzling scandalous affair
Examples from the Corpus
sizzlingShe preferred the sizzling animosity between them to this ... this awkwardness.Thirty-One Pascoe watched a globe as it glowed in the darkness, then rose and fell in a sizzling arc.The searchlights from the guards' boxes competed feebly with the storm still sizzling blue in the distance.He sprawls across it and shudders like his back's broken, and there's a crackling noise like sizzling fat.Ideal conditions are when there has been no appreciable rain for some months, followed by a sizzling hot June and July.After dark we followed the smell of sizzling meat down to the fair-ground.sizzling sex scenesShe liked the sizzling sound of the water as it hit the stones when some one threw it from the bucket.a sizzling summer day
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