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skeletalskel‧e‧tal /ˈskelətəl/ adjective  1 HBTHIN OBJECT OR MATERIALlike a skeleton or relating to a skeleton Police discovered the skeletal remains of a corpse buried near the river.2 someone who is skeletal is so thin that you can see their bones through their skin syn emaciated prisoners whose clothes hung loosely on their skeletal bodiessee thesaurus at thin
Examples from the Corpus
skeletalThey were skeletal and covered in mange.Excavators have found skeletal and cremated remains in some megalithic structures, but by no means all.They run wild into the woods, filthy, skeletal and naked.Robert Dornan of California run skeletal campaigns, and their staff could not be reached for this story.His studies would lead to the identification of several dozen other forms of dwarfism, or skeletal dysplasia.He ran a skeletal hand over the bristles of his hair.Even a skeletal list of the fundamentally important matters which we thus take for granted would be very long.Daly's skeletal remains were found almost a month later.The central exhibit is a bright pink, skeletal temple in which the Prince's central advice to architects is enshrined.skeletal remainsThe remains, however, appear to be little more than hair and fragments of flesh covering ghastly skeletal remains.In shallow marine sediments from anywhere on the present Earth one might expect to find the skeletal remains and teeth of sharks.The handprints on the walls match the size of hands from skeletal remains of Paleolithic women.Occasionally the silica-rich skeletal remains of single-celled marine organisms, diatoms, and of sponges occur in pottery.Her skeletal remains were found then.
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