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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishskepticskep‧tic /ˈskeptɪk/ noun [countable]  x-refthe American spelling of sceptic
Examples from the Corpus
skepticAlso, LITvak is similar to the idea of being from Missouri in the United States; that is, a skeptic.Even some former skeptics said that probably 95 percent of experts now accept the notion.religious skepticsSome skeptics question whether the Pell program would cause colleges to raise fees even more.Nevertheless, Springsteen has proven both more vital and more moral than skeptics would have deemed possible.The believer is not required to establish his belief, but the skeptic is required to prove his doubt.Conveniently for the skeptics, Suzuki has now chosen to enter a tougher, more international industry: software.But when claims are made for the mystical aspects of athletics, there is inevitably a response from the skeptics.Of course, Wellesley College graduates are exceptional women, the skeptic will say.
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