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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsketchysketch‧y /ˈsketʃi/ adjective  DETAILnot thorough or complete, and not having enough details to be useful syn vague Details of the accident are still sketchy.
Examples from the Corpus
sketchyDetails of the accident are still sketchy.I'm afraid my knowledge of the subject is rather sketchy.Some information can be gleaned, although it tends to be more sketchy.Slightly built, he had long, yellow locks and a sketchy beard.So, out came the plans, very sketchy, but a start.And the second story that night was all about a one-car traffic accident, with sketchy details about injuries.The tourist office sells a guide booklet that includes an hourlong walk and the sketchy details of his life.It would be very unwise to change our policy on the basis of such a sketchy report.I found it boring, self-conscious and a good deal sketchier than the Balzac novella on which it's based.Often, the information police receive from state protective workers is so sketchy that officers can not determine if a crime occurred.
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