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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishskewedskewed /skjuːd/ adjective  1 WRONG/INCORRECTan opinion, piece of information, result etc that is skewed is incorrect, especially because it has been affected by a particular thing or because you do not know all the facts The media’s coverage of the election has been skewed from the very beginning.2 HORIZONTALsomething that is skewed is not straight and is higher on one side than the other syn crooked The picture on the wall was slightly skewed.
Examples from the Corpus
skewedThe geographical spread of the observers is skewed.The agreement also ensured that the skewed economic and social system would continue, as well as the neoliberal economic policies.It gives me a rather skewed impression of humankind.A lanky boy was skewed, one half of his body sliding from the other.And such conditions, as noted previously, are an ideal medium for the cultivation of skewed or corrosive organizational beliefs.In the Third World land scarcity among the poor is due to skewed ownership, not an overload of people.I would here like to give two examples of such skewed populations and to speculate on the seeming anomaly.Many people heard only inaccurate, skewed reports about the trial.Record retention will lead to a skewed vision of the contemporary world.

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